Winter Pride

Pencil in the dates! Winter Pride Festival 2022 is 26th August to 4th September in Queenstown

We’re ecstatic to announce that our 2022 festival dates will be Friday 26th August - Sunday 4th September in Queenstown. Pencil us in! We’re hard at work planning a wide variety of events - including some of our favourite parties, ski & on-mountain events, après ski, game nights, drag, and more action packed festival days. We can’t wait to see you in Queenstown and Central Otago for an awesome, pride-filled festival.

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Winter Pride

Release of Long Weekend festival 2-5 September (L2 Covid only) (25 / 08 / 2021)

Following this week's announcement of the lockdown extension and cancellation of Winter Pride Events until 2nd of September (and large events after this date), we are now able to announce our Winter Pride Long Weekend schedule for COVID-19 Alert Level 2 events, from 2nd September to 5th September.

One thing COVID-19 teaches you it is adapt and pivot quickly, and we have done that!
The purpose of this plan is to enable people who can, and who want to come together safely in Queenstown to have a range of COVID-19 Alert Level 2 compliant events to attend. If there is no COVID-19 in the South Island, there is no reason why that this can't go ahead.

Whilst all our large events can’t operate and have been cancelled, we have 4 days and more than 15 events to choose from. It may be smaller, but that’s a pretty cool little festival, in a pretty cool little town that is PROUD to host Winter Pride. We have a great line up of local and South Island DJ’s for our events, and some awesome local Drag performances to throw into the mix.

ALL events (except Gibbston Valley Long Lunch) **will be FREE access to any Winter Pride Patrons** irrespective of whether they have claimed a partial refund or not. We know there are people from Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill keen to meet friends in Queenstown, and potentially further afield depending on lockdown measures in the the rest of the country outside of Auckland. It's important for so many LGBT+ people and our wellbeing to connect in safe spaces which may not exist at other times of the year.

The Long Weekend Level 2 plan is based on the assumption that the Mountains open and can operate safely, that bars, cafes, venues, and wineries open for seated events with compulsory track and tracing and this is perfect for our small, but special festival this year.

Patron's will need to just register their 'interest' from Friday afternoon following the next COVID-19 Alert Level announcement, when we hope we will know whether this is possible or not. Remember, all events will only have 100 people maximum, must be seated, it will be compulsory to scan or sign in, and anyone who is sick or has symptoms will not be able to attend. Our team that are customer facing will also be wearing masks. The mountains have different regulations, but will be open at Level 2. Check out the mountain websites for further information.

Keep an eye on your emails over the coming days for the registration link.


COVID Alert Level changes (23/08/2021)

Thank you to all our Patron's for enabling Winter Pride 2021. Without your support, the festival would not have been possible in the COVID-19 environment we are operating in. In this update:

1. Immediate changes to the festival

2. What we are planning to be running if we are at level 2 (free access for patrons)

3. How to apply for compassionate refunds

4. Options for ticket transfers for other events later in the year


1. Immediate changes to the festival

As you know, the latest COVID-19 outbreak has occurred just before the festival was about to start. This means that there are some significant changes to the festival.

All events prior to Thursday 2nd September have been cancelled. This impacts on anyone planning on attending Winter Pride before this date. Any events not able to operate safely at level 2 after Thursday 2nd September are also cancelled including ASB Pride in the Park and WOOF and our major party events. A full list of cancelled events will be published as soon as possible.

2. What we are planning to be running if we are at level 2 (free access for patrons)

From Thursday 2 September to Sunday 5th September, we are working on a reduced Winter Pride Long Weekend festival on a level 2 basis (if we know we will move there from Friday's announcement), on the assumption that Queenstown and many parts of the country could be at Level 2 by these dates.

This means the Mountain Resorts will be operating, we can confirm Apres Ski will be on each night, and other events to be signed off, including Quiz Night, Jingo, Gibbston Valley Long Lunch and more – all capable of being safe and seated. It is still important for Pride to happen where LGBT+ people can come together safely, in safe spaces, and be themselves. This will only happen if it is safe to do so.

ALL patrons will be able to attend at no extra cost (capacity allowing for non meal events). Please keep your eyes on social media and your emails for this announcement and an invitation to register for tickets as a patron.

The Winter Pride community series of events including Rainbow Story Times, High School Pride talks and Drag 101 workshop will be postponed until later in the year.

3. How to apply for compassionate refunds

Festivals take all year to plan and festival costs are largely incurred before the festival even starts with marketing, insurance, design, consulting fees, compliance, flights, accommodation, and at this stage of the festival a large amount of deposits and booking fees. With less than 1 week to go, this leaves very little room for refunds.

Although we are mindful that you all agreed to our terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) which were that all Patron's Levels and add-on tickets were non-refundable and non-transferrable, we equally understand that the current outbreak has had a range of impacts on people and caused much stress. We now have a small window of opportunity to recover some of our costs as a festival.

We are therefore offering partial compassionate refunds to all Patron's due to COVID-19. Compassionate refunds or ticket transfers (see details below) will be as follows:

  • MAXI 30% or 3 ticket transfers
  • MINI 30% or 2 ticket transfers
  • Long Weekender 20% or 1 ticket transfer
  • Enabling patron : no refund,
  • Plus 50% of add-on tickets, plus 100% of meal events prior to 2nd September.

Please note if you have a Gibbston Valley Long Lunch ticket we will email you separately as this event is NOT cancelled at this stage.

Please note that any ticketing and/or banking fees, or donations made cannot be refunded and are outside of Winter Pride's control.

You will be sent an email shortly with the link to apply based your patron status from HUMANITIX – please check your junk email of you do not receive this in the next 24 hours.

To be eligible for any refund, you must apply by Thursday 26 August, 12 noon. No applications will be considered after this time.

4. Options for ticket transfers for other events later in the year

We have been working with our LGBTQIA+ event partners over the last week to offer tickets transfers from Winter Pride to future events in Auckland later in the year as an option. This not only means when we come out of this, we can 'keep the party going', but it also directly supports event producers, artists and performers in our communities who are also impacted by COVID-19.

Options are if you select a ticket transfer:


Friday, 24th September

Kita and Anita’s DRAG WARS

Phoenix, Auckland

Friday, 22nd October

Kita and Anita’s DRAG WARS

Phoenix, Auckland

Saturday 30 October


Studio, Auckland

Saturday 13 November

URGE 24th Birthday

Phoenix, Auckland

Friday, 26th November

Kita and Anita’s DRAG WARS

Phoenix, Auckland

Saturday, December 11th


Neck of the Woods, Auckland

If you are a patron you will have been sent an email with the link to apply based your patron status from HUMANITIX – please check your junk email of you do not receive this in the next 24 hours.

To be eligible for any transfer, you must apply by Thursday 26 August, 12 noon**. No applications will be considered after this time and transfers will happen until the events are sold out. Terms and conditions of the new event tickets will apply, no exceptions.

If you bought a publicly available ticket for an event, your ticket will be refunded (less booking fees and donations).

Winter Pride
Winter Pride

Winter Pride a NZ Domestic only festival for 2021 (Travel Bubble disruption PSA)

Winter Pride is going ahead as a domestic festival.

Sadly, the Travel bubble with Australia will be closed over the period of Winter Pride 2021.

The festival will be for NZ residents only. This is devastating and our hearts go out to our Australian guests who can no longer come join us.

This means that there may still be patron's slots available if you are wanting to attend some events as a NZ resident. Please follow the "HOW TO ACCESS EVENTS" link below if you would like to attend.

If you are an Australian guest who can no longer attend, please check your email inbox on the email your registered with. You should have recieved further instructions from Humanitix on compassionate consideration for the travel bubble closure. Please note that compassionate consideration is only live until the end of July as festival planning costs are effecitvely locked in past that date.

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Winter Pride

The Winter Pride team is looking forward to bringing everyone back together in August 2021 to reconnect.

Winter Pride 2021 is in the final stages of planning. Talent is booked and we are putting together our '21 volunteer crew.

This year we have added 40% to our 2019 Pride Party Series capacity and we are excited about the number of free and public access events on offer during the festival, especially those on our partner mountains and our ASB Pride in the Park and Woof events.

This year, most of our Pride Party Series events have already sold out and only patrons will be able to attend the festival's Pride Party Series events. We have 4 levels of patronage - Maxi (SOLD OUT), Mini (SOLD OUT), Long Weekender (SOLD OUT) and Enabling (SOLD OUT). Each will have a different level of prioritised access to events. See the graphic below for what prioritised access means at each patron level.

Register to become a patron using the "How to Access Events" Link below.

Check the EVENTS page for updates on which Pride Party Series Events are sold out.

How to access events
The Winter Pride website will be update over the summer as we plan the festival for 2022. Please note that information on this website is currently from 2021 and is out of date, but may give a sense of the type of events we usually host.


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