WINTER PRIDE 2021 - 27 August - 5 September

Winter Pride

Planning is underway for 2021.

Winter Pride 2021 is well and truly in the planning pipleine. Registrations of interest are now open. Use the link below to get info on how to access events.

We learned a lot from 2020 and how to work in our current COVID-safe environment and are now full steam ahead to plan a Covid Level 1 and Level 2 compliant festival for 2021. We are, however, not planning on selling any individual tickets for 2021 and are going to have a similar model of enabling passes, like we did in 2020.

So if you are a supporter of the festival and want to attend events which are ticketed, then now is the time to start thinking about the level of support you are able to commit to.

In 2021, only patrons will be able to attend the festival. We have 4 levels of patronage - Maxi, Mini, Long Weekender and Enabling. Each will have a different level of prioritised access to events. See the graphic below for what prioritised access means at each patron level.

We will only begin invoicing for patron support on 1 May 2021. This is so that we have a clearer picture of the covid situation and of which businesses and talent in our supply chain are still going to be available to work and contribute.

Looking forward to bringing everyone back together in August 2021 to reconnect.

How to access events


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