What is the Winter Pride Festival?


Winter Pride is a festival in a small town with a bold heart that celebrates love, community, diversity, visibility, safety and inclusion. It is a festival that encourages locals and visitors alike to come together and celebrate their diversity.

2021 dates and updates

The dates for the 2021 festival are Friday 27 August to Sunday 5 September 2021. 10 days, 2 weekends, and a whole lot of fun in between.

For ACCOMMODATION, please remember to support those who support us - they will be offering some really good deals. And please book through the links on this site.

If you are a volunteer please make sure you have signed up to our email as we will do a callout for volunteers closer to the 2021 festival.

If you are looking for information on our values and the Pride Pledge please go to

Jam-packed with amazing events, with talent lineups including some of our best loved Australasian DJs, dance parties, skiing, boarding and mountain walks, the festival is the perfect week for people to show their true selves in an accepting, supportive and fun community.

Held annually, Queenstown is one of the best places in the world to host such a festival. As well as being the adventure capital of the world, it’s also a top tourist destination and is full of supportive local businesses and people who welcome us all as their own.

Our guests are usually 45% Australian, 45% NZ, with the rest everywhere else. Around half of our guests repeat-visit Queenstown at another date and return to our Winter Pride festival in a following year. Hopefully we return to this international diversity when the borders re-open.

We now have 10,000+ Instagram followers and 6700+ Facebook followers, so be sure to like and follow us on social media to keep up to date with new events and pic ostings of your favouire moments during the festival.

We sell usually 4,000+ tickets to our Pride Events annually in Queenstown and thousands more attend Winter Pride's free and non-ticketed events.

Emergency management / Health and Safety information
If you need more information on Health and Safety or emergency management related to Winter Pride please go to the health and safety page.
For an emergency where someone's life is at risk, pelase remember that Police, Fire and Ambulance are always the first point of call. DIAL 111.

Why Queenstown?

Following on from the huge success of the 2018 and 2019 events, and our COVID compliant 2020 event, we are planning for this year to be another huge success! We have a fantastic line-up of events in the pipeline, activities, parties, pop-ups, free events and more. The full event listing will be launched later in February and we will continue to add new events as we grow during the year.

How is it structured?

Gay Ski Week QT started in 2012, when we thought it was about time Queenstown had an event that celebrated diversity in all its forms. 9 years later, with a rebrand thrown in, and Winter Pride is the largest winter pride festival in the Southern Hemisphere, with more partners, pomp and parties than ever before.

2018's Winter Pride festival marked a shift towards a broader, more inclusive festival. We placed a renewed emphasis on growing the ON-MOUNTAIN SERIES, with a designated mountain resort hosting the festival each day so that we can keep the fun in one place. This year, we are working with our partner mountains to dedicate areas of their bars and restaurants to our pride festival, meaning music, plenty of socialising and a real pride vibe on the slopes and we will once again have 3 mountain partners.

Our free ski / boarding hosts will also be there to show you around. Just like you, they are people who are here on holiday and who want to have the best time. They are volunteering to help make your trip even more fun and we are confident that you'll love them.

And then, of course, the usual PRIDE PARTY SERIES - those great parties you've always loved in the past with a few extra special ones this time round. Get out there, make new friends, reconnect with old ones and have fun.

To contact the festival directors please feel free to email:
email: or
Find information on South Pacific Pride Limited.

How can I sponsor or Support Winter Pride

We welcome new supporters into the fold at Winter Pride.

If you are interested in finding our more about becoming a sponsor or supporter of Winter Pride, please feel free to get more information from our sponsors page.

And book all your accommdoation through the links on this website - it helps us get commissions (from some providers) and build data which helps us to get better sponsorship in the future. SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US and we all come out as winners in the end.

How do I Volunteer?

Winter Pride has an absolutely incredible team of volunteers, enabled by the generous support of Kathmandu who are providing our uniforms. Without our volunteers the festival would not be possible.

If you are interested in registering as a volunteer please do so when we open our registrations. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you updated.

There are a whole range of possible ways to volunteer for Winter Pride and we are always oversubscribed by people wanting to help out. We process the applications and registrations in June and July and will get back to everyone who registers with an update then.

Please remember that we prioritise people who have demonstrated commitment and capability in the past, people who have greater availability and those who have the right skills for the types of slots that need support.

It is also worth remembering that volunteering is just that - it is non-remunerated and doesn't come with free access and lots of free goodies. However, our selected team do get a few fun Winter Pride bits and bobs, like T-shirts and, depending on your area of volunteering, sometimes it will include access to an event. Our volunteers do this for love (and make amazing friends and connections along the way).

And all volunteers are invited to join us for the Sunday Session on the last day for a final farewell, thank you and a house drink.

register to become a volunteer
Winter Pride

Are you "TALENT" and interested in contributing at Winter Pride?

Interested in being unfunded talent at key events?

*Interested in strutting your stuff and showing off your talents? Register for the unfunded talent line-up at Queenstown's Got Talent and as a performer for Pride in the Park. Registrations will open in mid 2021.

Funded Talent:

If you are "talent" such as a DJ, a dancer, stage manager, MC, comedian, drag queen or king, or whatever you think your particular talent is, please complete the expression of interest and become part of the talent pool which we can then shortlist. We will do our best to get back to you and see if there is a way we can use yuor talents (appropriately!) at the festival.

Please remember that we have a lot of people putting up their hands to help out or be involved and we have a very limited budget.

We are trialling a system of "residencies" where we fund some core talent to get to the festival and contribute in 2021. If you need additional support to get here and cover your costs, please feel free to put in an application for that as part of your registration process. If you are going to be in town anyway and are happy just to chip in and help out, please make that clear in your expression of interest too.

Please email if you want more information on talent registration.

Or click on the link below to get more information on how to register you interest.

Please note that all funded talent slots are now allocated for 2021

More information on how to contribute as FUNDED TALENT to Winter Pride Register your interest ONLINE

How do I buy a ticket or an event pass

Register for our newsletter and we will keep you updated. Only patrons of the festival can gain access to events, so sign up and support us as a patron.

How do I book accommodation from an Official Supporter Hotel?

Winter Pride has a number of official accommodation partners, each offering different deals for accommodation during Winter Pride.

Please remember to SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US. Promos will be posted on the promos page as they become available. Try and look to support our supporting brands when you book. We will keep this updated as we go.

How do I get help booking flights, accommodation and tickets?

Contact our official travel partner X Travel, here. They can help you with all aspects of your booking.

Who organises Winter Pride?

South Pacific Pride Limited organise a number of LGBTT+ pride related events, specifically Winter Pride and NZ Rainbow Tick Excellence Awards.
Director:, Martin King and Mike Hughes
Assistant Director: George Folwer
email: or or George on

A few comments about the brand….

After a lot of thought and planning, we decided that it was time to build on the loyalty and total awesomeness of all the hard work done by Sally and Mandy Whitewoods with Gay Ski Week QT. And so we began to work towards broadening the festival further into a pride event. Of course, this is a work in progress and will keep evolving as we grow.
We tried to capture this intent with our logo and brand guidelines. We endeavoured to include the motif of the rainbow flag, and its strong history of inclusiveness and LGBTTQ+ pride AND also give a nod towards the very essence of that pride – that your identity is your own, there is no one right way. For that reason we have layered the colours, mixed up the fonts, put the lines at an angle, and designed it so there is no one right way up – it’s deliberately fluid in a retro way. Like the festival, it is fun, it can change a bit, and it is bold.

Who is Wakatipu Youth Trust?

Wakatipu Youth Trust is one of the key charities that Winter Pride is partnering with for Winter Pride.

Wakatipu Youth Trust was formed from the amalgamation of Wakatipu District Youth Trust and Queenstown Life Trust in 2011. We are the only youth trust serving the Wakatipu basin, which stretches from Glenorchy to Arrowtown to Kingston. This is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing areas; we had 22,000 residents in 2015; 25,557 by 2018 and by 2028, our population is expected to reach 32,627. This rapid growth puts stresses on all infrastructure and support services.

Wakatipu social services are also seeing changes in our community as it grows. In particular, increases in domestic and family violence, overcrowded housing, income inequality, mental health issues, poverty, isolation, youth anxiety, families working multiple jobs and gaps between families’ needs and what social services provide. At the same time, the social services sector faces decreased funding and less time available from region-wide services for our district.

Youth work relies totally on fundraising and receives no government funding. Its purpose is to guide and support our young people in their personal, social and educational development to help them reach their full potential in society and make a successful transition to adult life.

Wakatipu Youth Trust achieves these ends through a variety of services from individual mentoring to our drop-in centre, holiday and extra curricular programmes, youth groups, events, weekly engagement within seven local schools as well as courses supporting life, relationship and vocational skills.

In 2018, the trust moved from downtown Queenstown to Frankton, reflecting the move of the high school and increasing concentration of local families.

Our youth face an ever-changing world on a monumental scale - from technology to education, career structure, communication and home life. Generation Z and Alpha (those born from 2010) will require agility and different skill sets in the face of rapid and ongoing change.

Helping our youth face the manifold opportunities and challenges ahead will require similar agility from youth workers and all others involved in the social services sector. Collaboration will be key as no one group or profession will possess all the skills, knowledge, resources or capacity needed.

This strategy aims to ensure Wakatipu Youth Trust is positioned to help lead this collaboration to ensure our youth are best equipped with the mindset, skills and behaviours they need in this dynamic, highly globalised and uncertain world.

WYT Statement of Intent

Wakatipu Youth Trust and Winter Pride values align in the belief that all LGBTTQ+ people should have the freedom to be safe, healthy and visible. Equally we will use our voice and influence to support visibility, safety , tolerance, love, diversity and inclusion of all LGBTTQ+ people

With the charitable money raised by Winter Pride we intend to invest into the areas with which we receive no funding but have a growing demand from our community such as Mentoring, Vocational Programmes and Social initiatives. The funds raised will enable us to both sustain and grow these valuable projects

With respect to our LGBT+ Youth Group 'The Spectrum Club' we wish to continue fostering and supporting safety, diversity and inclusion in the Wakatipu and wider Central Lakes area through our venue, school, education and messages, as well as, providing events and opportunities to connect with other LGBT+ youth.


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