How do I know what’s on?

Check out the Winter Pride tour page here . There you’ll find the most updated information on what’s on, when and where. You will also find a schedule table on our website to help you visualise and plan your activities while you stay with us.

You may also have seen our Blueprint of events in the lead up to the festival, especially if you engaged with us prior to our official launch. Please note that this Blueprint is only our intended list of events and is subject to change as we get closer to the festival.


Full Terms & Conditions including Privacy Policy

For full terms and conditions including our privacy policy, please download the link below


What is Winter Pride's Sustainability Plan

Winter Pride is deeply committed to Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga, an ethos that drives us to leave the environment in a better state than we found it for the enjoyment of future generations. Our overarching aim is to minimize our ecological footprint across all Winter Pride locations by making deliberate, well-informed decisions across all facets of our operations.
In 2024, we are initiating a series of sustainability measures and benchmarks to kickstart our journey towards reducing our environmental impact. Looking ahead, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of transforming Winter Pride into a 100% waste-free, low-impact event in every location we host events.
To read our full sustainability plan please click the link below:

Winter Pride's Sustainability Plan

Winter Pride's Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Winter Pride is committed to hosting enjoyable, safe, and inclusive events for our entire Rainbow/LGBTQIA+ community. We extend a warm welcome to all individuals, groups, and organizations who wish to join us in celebrating the remarkable diversity and creativity of our Rainbow communities. We eagerly anticipate coming together to celebrate the rich diversity in sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics within Winter Pride events. Any person, group, or organization participating in our events must uphold our commitment to protecting our communities, particularly our most vulnerable communities identified as takatāpui, trans, non-binary, and intersex individuals. Any group that does not support the inclusion of these communities will not be permitted to participate in our events.
For our full Diversity and Inclusion Policy please download the link below.

Winter Pride's Full Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Do you have a help desk?

No, but this year we’ll be operating a ‘drop in’ time with a Winter Pride crew member at SkyCity, first floor, between the hours of 12 noon - 5pm. There will alsoi be crew at the Apres Ski event between 5-7pm at Yonder.
You can find the table with our crew member to ask any questions or queries you might have. We’d be happy to help you with anything you need.

Do you have door sales?

Very rarely as most events sell out in advance. We do not recommend coming to Queenstown intending to get into events on the door, but if you don't mind taking a risk, you can always try. The best way to get access to our events is by purchasing tickets through humnaatix.

Do you operate coat check at events? Is there a charge?

Yes! Winter Pride runs a Coat Check at most events where it would be convenient for guests to store their additional clothing or bags - namely, parties and shows. Coat Check is a free service, included in the price of your pass or tickets. However, we always welcome donations to support our charity partners.

How else can I support local charities while at Winter Pride?

Throughout the festival there will be opportunities to donate to charities, such as the local rainbow youth support group "The Spectrum Club" or QTopia, the islands largest rainbow charity. You can do this directly through fundraisers at specific events such as the Charity Ski Race or at fundraisers at night time events. So bring some spare change and keep an eye out for local charity presence at our events.

How do I find accommodation?

Accommodation is only included in the Ultimate Vip Package. For everyone else, you will need to book your accomodation independently.
We have many accommodation partners offering exclusive deals to Winter Pride guests. We’ll continually update information about current deals. These deals tend to start being offered form April onwards.

Accor Hotels are the Winter Pride Platinum Partner Hotels and the Official Host Hotel is Novotel Lakeside Queenstown. Whatever you book, we recommend that you look at booking centrally. is also a really good way to get good accomodation deals.

How do I find Winter Pride people up the slopes?

There are designated Winter Pride snow days listed on our events schedule and/or events blueprint. Check out where Winter Pride pass holders will be heading on the days you’re planning to hit the slopes.

Is my ski pass included in my Event Pass?

WInter Pride Event Passes do not include any ski passes. Guests must buy these through the respective mountain companies.

How do I transport myself to and from the mountain?

You will need to organise your own transport up and down the mountain. Many transport businesses offer pick ups and drop offs.

Do I have to show my ID at events?

Yes. Photo ID (driver's license or passport) will be requested for door access at all events that are held at venues that are 18 plus. We are wary that this may pose some risk to our valued transgender and gender-diverse patrons. Please note that all our door staff will be aware of our Winter Pride Trans Inclusive Policy and will not say the name listed on your ID or ticket out loud, nor will we presume any patron’s gender subsequently.

Please be aware that some licenced venues may have different requirements for liquor licence reasons. We will do our best to alert you to venues which have tighter ID requirements. In Queenstown, non-Winter Pride venues regularly require passports or photo ID if you do not carry a NZ Driver Licence. We do our best to ensure that either an Australian or NZ driver licence or an electronic version of these is accepted at our partner venues.

What are Winter Pride’s trans inclusive policies?

In addition to our ID policy listed above, we take care to do our best to only host events at Pride Pledge supporting businesses who are committed to creating safe, fun and inclusive spaces for LGBT+ visitors.

We ensure that all our venues have gender neutral bathroom options and/or, in the rare case this is not possible, inclusive signage detailing that all patrons are welcome to use the bathroom they feel most comfortable in.

We also stipulate that same-gender parties (namely URGE and Ladies’ Night) are explicitly welcoming of trans and gender diverse patrons who feel that those events are right for them.

The safety and happiness of transgender and gender-minority patrons are of utmost priority to us. You are welcome here.

Do you have dedicated buses to the mountains?

No. Buses are run by the mountain companies, and can be bought with your ski packages or separately.

Do I have to be a Winter Pride Guest to join the mountain events and guided ski and boarding groups?

Our mountain events and guided groups are open to anyone celebrating Pride who wants to join in the fun! All are welcome at these events.

What is the refund policy?

What happens if I can't make it to the festival and I would like a refund?

If you cannot make it to the festival for any reason then you can process a self-refund through humanitix.

All tickets are partially refundable until the week before the festival.

If you're buying a ticket for 2024, take note of the deadlines below by which you can get a percentage of your ticket refunded to you (excluding bank transaction and Humanitix booking fees).

Refer to your Humanitix ticket for full refund conditions.

Winter Pride reserves the right to alter, cancel and move events if requested or required to by authorities and/or government bodies, including local authorities. The non-refunded portion of fees is used to cover administration, booking, marketing and other commitments to suppliers.

What happens if the organisers cancel an event?

If an event is cancelled by Winter Pride, ticket holders will be refunded the advertised ticket value for each of the individual cancelled events (excluding BF - "Booking Fee").
If you have purchased a ticket for an event that is cancelled you will be refunded up to a maximum value of the amount paid for the ticket purchased (excluding BF - "Booking Fee") through Humanitix.

Disability access and support at the festival.

Please contact the organisers if you have specific disability needs you may need support with and would like to discuss ways we could help to include you.

Because the festival is based in venues which are spread throughout the community, it is important to note that disability / other ability access can be varied across the festival.

Many of our events are in quite loud and crowded spaces (bars, nightclubs) and are small, so please be aware that there are limited quiet spaces or breakout spaces for those who need a bit of a break from intensive socialising. Events which are less physically intense in terms of personal space and noise are often held at SkyCity Casino such as Quiz Night and, Jingo and some of our "meet and greets" (various locations).

If you are socially anxious and need to meet small groups first in order to be able to enjoy yourself, please come to the dinners, apres ski and the "meet and greets" (to be announced). They are desgined specifically to let people get to know each other in a more socially low-stakes environment.

If you have vision or hearing impairment, please reach out to us so we can see if there are ways that we can support you to improve your access.

For guests with mobility access requirements, please note that many Queenstown venues do not have ramp access or only have partial ramp access. On-mountain events are often held at the main base of the resort which will have access (subject to the resort's on-mountain disabiliy access provisions), but some events are up the slopes and will require guests to be able to ski / board. Events held at the Memorial Centre, SkyCity Casino and Yonder have ramp / flat or lift access. Lonestar and Smiths have partial access (please contact us about this prior to the event so we can do our best to support you).

Please do reach out if you have a need and we can see how we can do our best to support you to access your chosen event.

If you need a support person with you, please reach out to us in advance so that we can facilitate this for you.

What is Winter Pride's Drug Management Plan

Our message to guests is as follows:

• Seek help if you feel unwell. You won't get into trouble for telling one of our crew or volunteers what drugs you've taken, we are here to help. Medical services and care spaces are always available onsite.
• You're a mate, not a doctor so don't be afraid to seek help for someone who is unwell. Chat to any of our crew or volunteers if your worried about someone else.
• It's a good idea to stay close to your mates. Agree on a place and time to meet if you get separated. Don't rely on your mobile phone your battery could go flat or the network could be overloaded.
• Drink enough water to stay hydrated, especially if you're drinking alcohol. If you need water, come say hi to any of our crew or volunteers.
• Alcohol and other drugs can affect your body's ability to maintain a normal temperature. Wear sun protection, take regular breaks in the shade and have warm clothes ready for when the sun goes down. Ask for help if you start feeling unusually hot or overheated or if you get too cold! Queenstown can get cold QUICKLY once the sun goes down, we have blanets and jackets available if youve been caught out.
• Festivals can become overwhelming. If you're feeling distressed or anxious, tell a friend how you feel and move away from loud music. Find a calm place to chill out and seek help if you need it. Talk to one of our crew of volunteers, we are always here to help and make your festival experience the best it can be.
• We at Winter Pride want to make your experience in Queenstown the best it can be. This means looking after each other! We are always happy to make sure you get home saftely. Come and chat to any of our crew or volunteers if you've had one to many. We are all friends here.

To read our full drug management plan please download the link below.

Winter Pride's Full Drug Management Plan

Health and Safety Report

If you are at an event and need to report an incident, please complete the form below AFTER you have spoken to the duty or event manager so that they are aware of the issue.
In an emergency dial 111.

Report a Health and Safety incident or concern


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