Winter Pride Health and Safety

At Winter Pride we want everyone to have a really fun week, but more improtantly, to be safe.

Use the information below to find reosurces you need to register health and safety issues with us and also to get the support you need if there is an issue.

Remember, in an emergency, always dial 111 (Ambulance, police or fire) - you can report all incidents to Winter Pride after you have got emergency help.

For all non-emergency issues, please report issues using the links below.


Winter Pride is committed to the safety of its guests, volunteers and supporters. As such, this page provides safety information specific to the festival, along with some general information about safety resources in the Queenstown area for first time visitors.

As a key part of our commitment to safety, Winter Pride festival doesn’t accept ANY physical or emotional abuse directed towards individuals or groups at our events. We are proud of the diverse nature of our guests, volunteers and supporters, so if you see or experience anyone undermining this – no matter the severity – please report it immediately.


This year we’ve worked closely with NZ Police and our security provider (Cougar) to ensure your safety during the festival. Many of the events will have onsite security or a nearby police presence, but please don’t be alarmed. These agencies are working in support of Winter Pride and are available to help if you experience or witness any safety or security issues.

You can support Winter Prides security efforts by showing patience in queues and cooperating with security requests. Also, please keep in mind that entry to events will be refused to any person acting in a drunk, disorderly, threatening or violent manner.

If you need Police assistance for any reason during your visit, please dial 111

For station locations and general information please go to:


St John Ambulance provides emergency medical response to the local area and can be contacted by dialing 111. This year St Johns will also be directly onsite at all ‘Party’ events and the ‘Pride in the Park’ celebration. For further information about St Johns Queenstown, click here

Lakes District Hospital Queenstown (located across the from the airport in Frankton) serves as the areas primary hospital. However, depending on the level of care required patients maybe transported to regional hospitals in Invercargill or Dunedin.
For information about can Lakes District Hospital Queenstown please click here

If you have a non-emergency medical issue, you can get urgent and/or clinical care at the Queenstown Medical Center (QMC). For more information click here

There’s a number of full service chemists/pharmacies in Queenstown and the surrounding area, however be aware that all are closed by 10pm.


To contact emergencies services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) anywhere in New Zealand, dial 111. If you’re not sure it’s an emergency, but some form of help is needed, you should still call 111. The operator will help you work out what to do. If you're deaf or hearing-impaired you can register to use the emergency 111 TXT service by clicking here

During Winter Pride, we encourage calling 111 without hesitation if emergency services are needed but we also provide a range of onsite support options to help (or get help) in an emergency. This includes:

  • Onsite Security
  • Onsite Medical (St Johns, Ski Patrol, First-Aiders)
  • Winter Pride Volunteers
    If an emergency occurs during a Winter Pride event, we request that you follow any instructions given by the responding emergency authorities.

If an emergency threatens to disrupt or cancel the Winter Pride festival (or any of its events) we will make every effort to communicate that information to you through our website , facebook and twitter sites.

Though unlikely, if during your visit, a widescale emergency effects the Queenstown region, please refer to the Otago Emergency Management agency for information and instructions by clicking here

Where to find support (non-emergency)

Click on the following links to find out more information about:


Winter Pride proudly extends support to anyone experiencing personal issues or crisis through the following agencies.


Confidential, Free, LGBTIQ+ affirming support line and face-face counseling. Find out more on the Outline website or, if you need to access the support line, call 0800 OUTLINE (688 5463).

1737 Need to Talk:

New Zealand’s national mental health helpline caters to anyone feeling stressed, anxious, worried, depressed and/or needing advice on mental health or addiction issues. Find out more on the 1737 website.


Check in with those who care. Before attending events, arrange times to connect, or places to meet up, with friends/family to confirm you’re safe.

Always arrange safe transport to and from events.

Keep your phone available and charged in case of emergencies.

Keep your wits about you when it comes to drugs and alcohol, know your limits. Mixing drugs / alcohol / prescription drugs can be a serious risk to your immediate health.

Do not engage with anyone who is threatening, abusive or violent. Call for help from security or the police instead.

Never worry about asking for assistance in unsafe situations. Winter Pride volunteers and support agencies are here to help.

If you experience safety issues, please report them to Winter Pride. Talk to a volunteer or you can use this form to let us know directly.

Report a Health and Safety Issue

Remember, in an emergency, DIAL 111.

All Health and Safety incidents need to be reported using the Health and Safety Incident Report form (use ink below).

Please deal with any emergency first and after the situaion is under control, then compelete the incident report.

Health and Safety Incident Report


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