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How do I get access to the festival?

Winter Pride is a festival, not just a handful of big parties. We offer a broad range of events, many of which are community-based and free, and work hard to offer many services and extras to make Winter Pride a wonderful, memorable 10 days for all. To make this possible, we, like many festivals, operate by a patronage system, similar to a membership system which supports the overall festival.

The festival is largely funded by patrons, and we have four Patron Statuses available. These give holders access to be able to book tickets to different events. How many and what type of events you are eligible to choose depends on the Patron Status level you select. (More details on the Patron Status structure below.)

We offer priority ticket access to Patron Status holders, meaning they get first access to book tickets for events, before the general public. This is why we highly recommend that guests purchase Patron Statuses to make the most of their time with us.

Are individual tickets available to events?

Rarely. When we release tickets to Patron Status holders, usually our most popular events sell out at this stage. After this, any events that aren't yet sold out do then go on sale to the public as individual tickets, but we can never guarantee you’ll be able to access events by waiting for this stage. This is another reason why we highly recommend that guests purchase Patron Statuses to make the most of their time with us.

I purchased a Patron Status, does this guarantee me access to the events I want to attend?

No. Purchasing a Patron Status does not guarantee your access to a given event, however it gives you the ability to select events which are still available at the time you purchased. We recommend you pay close attention to ticket release dates and, when they become available, book as soon as you have access through our event selection form which is emailed to you once you purchase your Patron Status. This gives you the best chance of being able to attend the events you’re most interested in.

Winter Pride

How much do Patron’s Statuses cost and what do they give me access to?

This year, we're offering four Patron's Status levels. Each gives you access to book for different events. Check out this handy graphic for the info.

Please note that our Sunday Session event does not count as one of your included events, as it’s totally free and operates entirely on a revolving door policy. Similarly, you do not need to register or count any Apres Ski event as one of your included events as these are also free and require no registration. ​​

You must register in advance to get your code to be able to buy your patron's status, so register now!

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How does the Patron Status process work?

We’ve made this handy graphic below explaining the steps of getting your Patron’s Status and booking your tickets.

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When are tickets being released?

We release our tickets in phases to ensure we can monitor capacity for our limited capacity events, and to give our loyal Patron Status purchases first priority access.

Please find below a handy graphic detailing our 2022 release dates.

Mark your calendars!

Please note that form 18 June 2022, patrons no longer need to pre-register, and can simply read the terms and conditions online when making their purchase.

Do I get a discount if I was a purchaser in 2021?

Yes! 2021 Patron's are eligible for a 10% discount on 2022 prices for a limited time only from 1 April to 8 April 2022. Make sure you have pre-registered and marked yourself as a previous buyer - we’ll cross reference this and then send you your discount code.

What do you mean by ‘limited capacity’?

Our capacity for all events is limited by the legal occupancy of the venue in question. This can also be further limited by any Covid-19 restrictions in place.

What is a ticket window?

In the interests of keeping events as vibrant and as close to capacity as possible, for the enjoyment of all, all Winter Pride Events have a valid ticket window within which presenting your ticket on the door will guarantee entry. There is a clear time on the ticket, and in the event descriptions, which indicates the time that your ticket validation will end. Please take note of this time and aim to arrive prior to this, to ensure you’ll be guaranteed entry.

After the ticket window closes, our revolving door policy begins. More info below.

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What does ‘revolving door’ mean?

After the ticket window of a given event closes, , ticket holders are no longer guaranteed entry, and our revolving door policy starts - meaning that we start to allow free access to the event (capacity allowing) to Patron Status holders waiting to enter. We do this to compensate for no shows and latecomers, and to give as many keen patrons as possible access to our popular events.

We prioritise entry during the revolving door phase to patrons in the following order.

Please note that Winter Pride reserves the right to sell door sales if there is capacity to an event and no Patron Status holders are waiting for revolving door access at the time of the sale.

Winter Pride

What are your refund policies?

At Winter Pride, we try to make it as easy as possible to make your plans but also to change them if needed. That's why all our ticket options are at least partially refundable.
If you're buying a Patron's Status for 2022, take note of the deadlines below by which you can get a percentage of your ticket refunded to you.

Patrons can self-manage their requests for refunds through the Humanitix system, and you don’t need to justify the reason for your cancellation to Winter Pride when doing so.

We hope this gives you some sense of security when booking with us! And while we know that there are many moving parts when planning events, we hope more than anything to see you for a gorgeous, proud festival this August.

Please note, refunds for cancellations are strictly limited to the amounts listed here, up to the dates in question.

Winter Pride reserves the right to alter, cancel and move events if requested or required to by authorities and/or government bodies, including local authorities. If a patron wishes to cancel their tickets due to these changes then refunds will be strictly limited to the percentages below by those dates.

The non-refunded portion of fees is used to cover administration, booking, marketing and other commitments to suppliers and is strictly non-refundable after these dates listed below.

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How does my ticket support local charity?

A portion of your ticketing fees are redistributed to Winter Pride’s chosen charity by our ticketing agent, Humanitix. In previous years you’ve had the option to add a charitable donation to your ticket. This year we are simplifying the process by automatically distributing a small portion of every ticket to charity.

Our chosen charity for 2022 is Qtopia. Qtopia is a social support service for LGBTQIA+ young people, their whānau, and their communities, based in Ōtautahi Christchurch and servicing the greater Te Waipounamu. Qtopia's primary goals are community connection (through events like the weekly youth group), and education to create lasting positive social change.

Qtopia is excited about providing more support to rainbow young people in rural regions throughout the South Island and your ticket purchase is helping them get that little bit closer to achieving their goals.

More about Qtopia

Can I give my ticket to a friend or sell it on?

No. Your name on this ticket purchase must match the name on your online registration and your ID.

How will Winter Pride communicate with me about events I have purchased tickets for?

With the email you provided for your booking. We will of course post updates to our social media, newsletter and in the Facebook events, but the most important updates will go directly into your inbox.

Do I have to show a physical copy of my ticket at events?

No, you do not need to bring your ticket. So long as your bring your ID, we will be able to cross-reference your name to the name on our door list.


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